Liberty brings innovation to tech support with Teleportivity, the instant information and live video help desk platform. Backed by the world-class service and support you have come to know and expect from Liberty, it's never been easier to accomplish 'Every-AV-Thing' you need with Liberty AV Solutions.

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Reduce truck-rolls by up to 70%. No, seriously.
The Missing Link: Tech Support Has Never Been Easier
A Variety of Uses:
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New for 2020:
Leave your mark on every install Starting at $0 (No, folks, that’s not a typo), you can be connected to every project and client, even after you’re on to the next one. Instant phone connectivity, access to room info, customizable to meet every support need with a simple scan. Stay connected, with no investment. Expand capabilities as needed. Learn more.
Teleportivity Agent
Now You Really Can Be Everywhere at Once
With Teleportivity’s Instant Information and Live Support System, help can come to the customer from anywhere in the world, at the push of a button. Your support team can be available on-site, instantly, or even be working with multiple customers simultaneously. Which means happier customers, a more productive workforce, and more cost efficiencies. That game-changer comment is starting to make a lot of sense now, right?
Help is Now, Quite Literally, at Hand
Teleportivity’s patented ‘print-and-place’ solution allows you to create and deploy thousands of unique QR / QR / web links that can be placed in any space or on any object. When scanned through a mobile device (with no app needed), each code directs customers to its own highly bespoke website, customized to reflect any branding, and made just for the situation.

Information at Your Fingertips... Manuals, setup instructions, how to videos and more… place your setup code wherever information is needed and have instant access to exactly what you need. Manuals, instructions, information, videos… completely customize your instant information offering.

… or take advantage of Instant Video Support Get to the answer faster with Live Video Help Desk. Instantly have access to a knowledgeable support to talk to face to face, show the issue at hand, and solve the problem.

No costly call outs. No frustrating wait times for tech support. Lots of happy customers.

Live Support Kiosk Support … That Moves with You
Use Teleportivity for your information kiosks – perfect for way finding and information stations.

Need to keep moving but still need to take support along? Go mobile! Users can scan a QR code and take their support with them and keep moving towards their destination.

Teleportivity is Perfect for
Individual Devices
Meeting / Conference Rooms
Information Kiosks
Equipment Racks
Anywhere You Need Support

To Talk About Teleportivity
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