IHSE is a leading developer and manufacturer of advanced KVM devices in global demand. KVM stands for Keyboard, Video, Mouse. KVM technology allows the switching, extension and conversion of these three primary computer signals and many else, e.g. DVI, HDMI, digital audio or USB. State-of-the-art broadcast studios and post production suites depend on KVM technology in their workflow. A KVM system provides professional broadcasters with direct access to data and video from their individual workstations. Distribution of content at the highest video resolutions can be achieved with no latency or video artifacts. Centrally-managed access rights allow individual user assignment.

IHSE products have been certificated for outstanding manufacturing quality, operability, resilience and enormous transfer speeds. Many renowned institutions across vertical sectors, including Broadcast, Post Production, Banking, Healthcare, Maritime, Air Traffic Control and Government rely on KVM solutions made by IHSE at their headquarters near Lake Constance, Germany. IHSE develops and manufactures switches for operating and switching between computers and consoles, as well as extenders for visually lossless signal transmission, with 30 years of experience.


Instant Switching. The Draco tera also offers Instant Switching (delayless switching between CPUs). By contrast to IP based solutions that have switching times of up to 10-15 seconds, the Draco tera switches within milliseconds.

Flex-Port Technology. The Flex-Port technology offers a totally flexible configuration of the ports as an input or output port. As a result, each port can be used as either a CPU port (connection to a computer) or as a CON port (connection to a display) and it can be switched according to the requirements.

Connections for Cat-X / Fiber / Coax. The Draco tera offers the industry first Mix & Match function to allow switching freely between Cat X and fiber optic modules. Accordingly, switching signals from Cat X devices to fiber optic devices is possible as well - offering proper signal transmission at any time. The universal IO board supports SDI with fiber or coax and USB 3.0 with fiber.

Full line of modular extenders. Draco tera extenders combine multiple video encoding technologies created by IHSE to deliver the very best picture quality while a pixel mapping ratio of 1:1 ensures authentic display of the source video. In addition, USB HID, High Speed USB 2.0, analog or digital audio and serial data signals can be extended to distances up to 10 km. Computer resolutions up to 1920X1200@60Hz , 4096x2160 for 4K and video resolutions for SD/HD/3G-SDI up to 1080p60 are supported.

KVM Switch: Draco tera enterprise

The Draco tera enterprise is a high performance, modular matrix system for bidirectional signal distribution of high definition video, audio, and data over Cat X, multi-mode and single-mode fiber.

  • Supports high-definition video signals including DVI, HDMI, DisplayPort, VGA, HD-SDI and 3G-SDI
  • Analog and digital audio formats and USB 2.0/3.0 data signals
  • Offers tremendous scalability through use of XV fiber cards with cost effective features supporting Ultra High Definition up to 4K at 4096 x 2160 resolutions.

KVM Extender: Draco via DVI

The Draco vario product family is a modular approach to extenders that allows customization for most applications.

  • Each extender option can be installed in one of the unique frame assemblies.
  • Four frame types are available - 2, 4, 6, or 21 cards per frame.
  • All variants can be assembled as Dual-Head and Quad-Head models.

ICRON USB 3.0 Spectra 3022

USB 3.0 SuperSpeed Extension Solution

  • Two port USB 3.0 SuperSpeed extension solution, enabling USB 3.0 connections at up to 5 Gbps over 100 m/330 ft of multi-mode fiber optic cable.
  • Features two locking USB 3.0 ports
  • Delivers 900 mA power to each port perfectly suited for USB3 Vision camera applications
  • One year warranty.


Media Converter

  • Converts RGB signals into DVI or VGA signals.
  • Allows the connection of TFT monitors to computers with a VGA graphic card
  • Automatically detects all known RGB resolutions up to 1920x1200.
  • Built-in scaler that allows scaling the input signal (also DVI) to a selectable size.
  • Additional Models Available:
    • S-Video, Component video as well as MDA, CGA and EGA
    • SDI and HD-SDI capabilities up to 720p