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California Proposition 65
D50125MOM3P - Duplex OM3 Multimode Cleerline SSF Indoor/Outdoor Plenum Fiber Optic Cable

Product Overview

Features and Benefits

  • Patented coating 10,000 the flex life of normal glass
  • Zipcord style SPT fiber assembly format
  • 2 Fiber 50/125 multimode OM3 fiber
  • 250 micron soft peel color coded coating
  • Aramid yarn (Kevlar) strength members
  • Flame rated PVC jacket 2.9mm leg diameter
  • 1000 foot spools standard
  • Fiber is cut-to-order for other lengths
  • NEC OFNP, CEC FT6, RoHS compliant


  • Super strong long life simplex fiber patch cables
  • LAN 10/100/1000/10G ethernet
  • Digital multimedia patching and interconnection

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D50125MOM3P Pre-made Drivers

Disclaimer: Liberty AV assumes no responsibility or liability for pre-built control system drivers. The driver may or may not work for all projects, in situations where the driver is not suitable for the switching architecture, the driver cannot be adjusted for customized usage by Liberty. If you would like to contract services for customized control for a project please contact your sales representative.